Saturday 18 April 2009

A dandelion from Arkansas

Pre-paid postage, dated 11 March 2009.

Dandelions must be universal!  I'll admit they wouldn't be the first things that come to mind when taking a photograph, but then I can't do splendid work with them, like this.  I do have plenty of dandelions though.

The printed postage permit interests me, just from the point of view that it's now amazing how much has been automated.  The reverse of the card has been printed at once, as far as I can see, with US Postage Permit in place of a stamp, and a USPS premium postcard logo bottom left. 

Personalised stamps can be printed off too.  When I send postcards to collectors, I always try to use "nice" stamps, and people generally enjoy them, but they are always officially issued from the post office..  Stamps I have made up myself with my own images - I'm not so sure how well-received they would be. 

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  1. Beautiful postcard. The yellow stands out!


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