Sunday 19 April 2009

Two from Troy

walls of Troy

Eastern Tower - Troy VI, Çanakkale - Turkey

This card shows the remains of a watchtower on the edge of the ancient Greek city of Troy.  Much of the city was ruined in a major earthquake around 1500 BC.  The ruins are a UNESCO Heritage site today, near the modern city of Çanakkale.

wooden horse of Troy

And who doesn't know the story of the Wooden Horse of Troy?  This wooden monument is also near Çanakkale.

These cards came together in an envelope postmarked Bilkent, dated 11 April 2009.  The were sent by Leslie who kindly translated the Russian words on a postcard I put up on 6 April this year.  Thanks, Leslie!

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  1. Another interesting part of the world on this postcard tour you give here.

  2. I went up the wooden replica in Cannakkale :)

  3. Beautiful !!!
    I like the second piece.


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