Tuesday 9 March 2010

Sibelius in the snow

I don't know about anywhere else, but our snow has gone.  We did have a flurry the other night but I can thankfully say it came to nothing.  I have had my fill of snow this year.  That said, I was delighted to receive this card showing the Sibelius Monument in snow.  A beautiful monument made even more beautiful by nature.  The picture is taken from precisely the same spot as the card I have of the monument without snow.


  1. It's so odd looking. What is it made out of?

  2. It looks better in the snow. When we went there I decided to stay in the coach rather than walk up with the crowds.

  3. @Ancient Digger, I had to look it up, but apparently it's made of hollow steel tubes. I think it looks like organ pipes but apparently it's an attempt to "capture" Sibelius' music.

    @Gerald, you weren't impressed then? The sender did say the place was always full of tourists.

  4. The explanation that it represents music explains everything. I was confused seeing it. It does look nice, though.


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