Thursday 29 July 2010

Albi, the red

Organ with the Last Judgement fresco beneath

Two cards I bought myself on a recent visit to Albi, and prompted by a post I read on The Ancient Digger.

The whole of the old city is built of red brick, very like the much larger Toulouse, and the much less attractive Montauban (sorry, Montauban).  It is a beautiful sight viewed from the opposite bank of the river.  The cathedral looks, it has to be said, austere from the outside when you get closer, but once inside it is breathtakingly beautiful.  Sadly, the organ was being refurbished at that time but I bought the postcard to see what I was missing.

There is a great deal more to see in Albi, the Toulouse Lautrec Museum in the former Bishops' Palace, the old bridge, the former mills, Saint Salvi church.  It's well worth a visit but do allow yourselves more time than the afternoon plus overnight stay we had.
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  1. This looks so beautiful. I stopped very briefly in Toulouse once, driving across France. Didn't linger but only had lunch.

  2. Thanks for the mention by the way. This structure was so mysterious to me. It reminds me of a haunted asylum or something. Chilling really.


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