Friday 30 July 2010

York Minster

A not particularly remarkable postcard showing the wonderful York Minster.  Although it is a cathedral worhty of much more note, what I did find remarkable about this card was to be found on the reverse.

No address whatsoever, not even a name.  But it was meant for me and it arrived with barely any delay.  I do, quite frequently, also receive postcards addressed to sundry neighbours but this is a first!

This is a post for Postcard Friendship Friday hosted at The Best Hearts are Crunchy.


  1. I can't see how that would get to you unless there was a label that fell off.

  2. I can't really read the note...but I like the card, mainly because I have been there.

  3. A true bit of magic but the post office! My mum when she was a girl in the 1930's worked at York Minster, in the Arch Bishops palace.

    I believe she was a kitchen maid, but she can still recall her times there. For many years after she the Arch Bishop would correspond with her, I believe he eventually became the head of the church in the UK (can't remember his name).

  4. I wish I could read the message on the back! Love the mystery.

  5. The original label with your address must have been encoded in the barcode.
    How did you pixelize the message? :)

  6. I guess they figure all the postcards in that area normally go to you so you received it. You're well known there :)

  7. It did once have a label, Postcardy, which didn't fall off until after the bar codes were sprayed on. However, my postman doesn't read barcodes so he must have made a leap of faith at some point.

    Mike, how interesting! If it was the 30s, it must have been William Temple. I have no in depth knowledge of archbishops - I looked it up. :)

    Dorin, I think almost any simple graphics program will pixilate an area. I used Irfanview I think.

  8. That is impressive that it reached you with no address or name!


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