Saturday 3 July 2010

The library at the Palacio de Mineria

I am quite convinced that if I could study in a place like this I would become wiser and more intelligent just by being there.  This was the library for the Royal School of Mines, then the School of Engineering, in Mexico City and it contains "approximately" 183,806 volumes.  That seems a very exact approximation, but there we are.

It is inside the Palacio de Mineria which is itself considered a masterpiece so when the School of Engineering moved to the University Campus, it was restored and now houses the Division of Continued and Distance Learning, amongst other groups.  The Palacio de Mineria is used each year for the International Book Fair.

I've chosen to give you the link to the Spanish site for the Palacio because of the wonderful pictures there.  The link from there to the site in English doesn't have the pictures but does have some information for people like me who don't speak Spanish.
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  1. I did a skit on the La UNAM in Mexico City which has the largest mural in the world painted on the library. I didn't even know about this library. Wow, impressive collection.


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