Sunday 4 July 2010

The Silk Mill, Derby

Lombe's Silk Mill, when it opened in 1721, brought to England technology developed in Italy which enabled silk to be thrown on machines driven by water power.  Extensively rebuilt in 1910 after a fire, the Silk Mill now houses Derby's Museum of Industry and History.

The Derwent Valley Mills World heritage Site was inscribed by UNESCO in 2001.  It was the birthplace of the factory system - where water power was first successfully harnessed for textile production.
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  1. Sheila, a great area to visit (Derwent Valley)the mills near Matlock Bath are particularly interesting. They also have lots of outlet stores there if you don't like the history :-)

  2. The Industrial Revolution is an aspect of history I'm fascinated with. Even more so are the inventions that made industry so efficient in the 18th century. Great location and card.


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