Monday 2 August 2010

A day out in Ryde, IOW

Ryde, the Gateway to the Island (the Isle of Wight).  It was called that because it was so easy to reach from Portsmouth, as the card says the sea crossings linked with the trains running from Portsmouth to London Waterloo.

When Queen Victoria set up her summer home, Osborne House, on the Island it gave a great boost in popularity, and many wealthy people took up residence.  Now Ryde is a conservation area to try to preserve the many old properties in the town.
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  1. My husband was moored off Ryde last week - or at least the boat was. The grandchildren had a great time swimming (in wet suits) opposite Osborne House.

  2. Ryde is also famous for its carnivals. Perhaps that is the origin of the name...

  3. There are 477 miles of roads on the Isle of Wight, all but 14 of them, as I'm sure you know, are in Ryde.

  4. Somehow I managed to miss Ryde, Osborne House and Carisbrooke Castle when we visited the Isle of Wight. :-(


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