Saturday 9 October 2010

A week for water: 1 Bourton on the Water

This week I am featuring water in each of my posts, and where possible, water in a natural state such as rivers or lakes.  You'll see why on Friday.

I thought with a name like Bourton on the Water, this village had t be the first featured place.  It's called a village but with 4,000 inhabitants, it's a large one.  I know several places of a similar size that consider themselves towns.

The river going through the village is the Windrush.  Each year, on August Bank Holiday, a football match is held in the river.  Not water polo or anything like that, it's six-a-side football and it's played in the river.  It isn't deep.  Spectators can expect to get wet, but thousands turn up to watch from the banks.

The other point of note, there is a model village in the village, built in the 1930s.   The model village contains a model of the model village, but I don't know if the model of the model village itself contains a model village.  It reminds me of the rhyme:
"Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em,
And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so ad infinitum."

~Augustus de Morgan
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  1. Cute rhyme and the village looks charming with its place on the river.

  2. Sheila, one of my favourite Cotswold villages, as you say its more like a small town, but charming nonetheless.

    I've visited the model village but didn't know about the football, visions of Ashbourne and the Shrove Tuesday match. Which incidentally is where the term local derby comes from.......but that's another tale.

  3. Yes for water! So common but most precious when it's not available. And it's wonderful to see rivers and canals with clean flowing water. Thank you.

    The quote is quaint - never heard of it though - but the spirit of the quote seems so much different from the model village inside the model village...

    Looking forward to the other postcards.

  4. Brum lives there! I hope you saw him. I think this blog is great and that a postcard a day is such a cool idea :)

  5. i love your blog! beautiful postcards. congrats on being a blog of note! please follow my blog at:


  6. Nice blog, check this one out:

  7. This not-so-little village sounds like a interesting place...especially the water football game.

  8. Hi
    There's a photo of the Bourton model village in my blog, here:
    There's also an excellent bird park, a small motor museum housed in the old watermill, and a dollshouse museum in Bourton. All well worth a visit

  9. Oh man football in the water?? I'd be interested in seeing photos of that if you happen to come across any.

    A village in a village in a a village?

  10. OMG! I've been there! It was 11 years ago, but if I remember, there are bridges every fifty yards or so over the river and weeping willows all along it's banks. And there's a little china shop that sells tiny wooden boats on strings... my brothers and I could not be torn away from it all.

  11. Very picturesque. Lovely little place.

  12. oh how lovely. I visited Bourton on the Water in the 1960s when my son was just a toddler, what a lovely day we had there.


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