Sunday 10 October 2010

A week for water: 2 Rome

A view of St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican with the River Tiber, probably taken from the Ponte Sant'Angelo.  The Tiber is one of the longest rivers in Italy.  According to legend, Romulus and Remus, the twins who founded Rome, were left by the river to die before they were rescued and reared by a she-wolf.

I bought this card for myself when I was visiting Rome in February 2009, just over a year after floods threatened the city.  Although in 1870 high embankments, rather like the ones in Paris, had been built along the river to protect the centre of Rome, other areas were vulnerable.  The historic Ponte Milvio, the bridge where couples leave locked padlocks (Locks of Love), had to be sealed off.
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  1. Awesome postcard man....!!!
    Loved it..:)

  2. Hi!
    me too visited Rome, I was here for one week, it was fatastic.
    I like your blog, and I going to add you in my favourites blogs. I hope you also do it :)

    See you soon!
    P.D.: sorry if I wrote something wrong, because I'm from Spain and my English is bad! jajaajaa

  3. I was there!

  4. @SE2, thanks!
    @Carla, thank you too. Don't worry, your English is better than my Spanish. :)
    @Debs, wow! That is an amazing photo!

  5. This is my first stop by your enjoyable! I couldn't quit looking. From Marrekesh to Shanghai, and on to Washington. You're right about all of the different faces of one place. What beautiful postcards-I even enjoyed looking at the stamps from the Shanghai card.

  6. Beautiful post card, looks a bit faded for only being a year old.

  7. the reflections in these kinds of images always make it look way cooler.

  8. Hello!
    I'm from Australian and I'm going on a Eurotrip next year. =) Hoping to see Vatican City in all its glory.

    Send me a message sometime and I'll send you some of the pictures I take while I'm travelling across Europe.

  9. Woooo...

    Look nice and peacefully :D

  10. Now this is a gorgeous picture! Rome is on my to visit list, because of the art. My daughter has been there, lucky her.
    Thanks for sharing these lovely pics.

  11. Thank you all for your visits, and kind words. I'm enjoying all your comments and will start working my way around to visit you all.

  12. Loved your post cards, Great blog!. Thanks for allowing to follow you. Reached here through 'Blog of Note', Congratulations!

  13. Gosh, that is just exquisite. It is really such a stunning photo and I love the legend of Rome!

  14. Beautiful. so the lock of locks is locked ? awwww how sad. it's such a pretty old bridge. the water seems to dance from the lights.


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