Sunday 27 February 2011

Khiva in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan was once part of the USSR before becoming independent in 1991, one of the many whose names and geography I'm only slowly learning.  It is a central Asian country to the north of Afghanistan. Khiva was first mentioned in writing in the 10th century but is thought to have been in existence since the 6th.

The view behind the camel shows part of the walls of Itchan Kala, the old town where there are about 50 historic monuments and 250 old houses.  The tall blue tower was originally intended to be a minaret but was never finished, reputedly when the Khan realised that it would give a good view into the harem.

Once a place to stop on the Silk Road, this is the sort of place I can only visit in my dreams.


  1. I know I will never see that part of the world but it sure is interesting to see it. Thanks

  2. That's the only way I'll ever travel to such exotic places, by your postcards. That's OK.

  3. Quite an interesting history, Sheila, and, of course, one musn't be able to see into the harem!!!

  4. Interesting place and story about it - very much enjoyed reading it. Nothing seems more exciting to me than visiting new places and discovering new scenery and sights and if I can't go there tight now, traveling via online postcards can be just as much fun... :)


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