Saturday 26 February 2011

Three from Prague

Views of the old city of Prague in the Czech Republic.

The wonderful cathedral within the castle grounds, perched on top of a hill.  The present day cathedral was founded in 1344, and finished 600 years later.  Alfons Mucha designed the stained glass windows in the north of the nave.

Golden Lane is an ancient street very near the cathedral and again part of the castle grounds, in fact built on the castle walls.  At one time Franz Kafka lived there.
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  1. My friend, a former BA 747 pilot, who was a table mate on a cruise - said that Prague and Budapest were two of his favorite cities of all time. I, so much, wish I could visit both of these places.

  2. Prague is beautiful of course, has much history and the buildings much character. Out of your postcards I particularly Like "zlata ulicka" - cute name for a cozy-looking street.

  3. Aah, another visit to a beautiful city that otherwise I wouldn't have seen.
    Dara, what does "zlata ulicka" mean?


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