Monday 7 February 2011

Oxbridge - the ancient universities

Different styles of cards but they picture very similar universities.  Certainly they aren't the only ancient universities but they are the oldest two in the UK: Oxford and Cambridge, frequently abbreviated to Oxbridge.  Only Bologna in Italy and Paris in France are older than Oxford.

I can't help thinking that the atmosphere of learning must seep out of the fabric of the buildings, and would this not make it easier to learn?  I was a student in Liverpool where things were very different, in many ways.

Both these cards came to me from John of English Wilderness and the Daily Photo Gallery.
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  1. I have learned to love Oxford thru the PBS Masterpiece Mystery starring Inspector Lewis and his elegant partner Hathaway. I'd love to travel to England and see it for myself.

  2. Great cards, especially the bottom one. Thanks

  3. I've visited Cambridge a dozen times, but I still haven't visited one of the highlights, the Wren Library. Maybe next time? :-)

  4. I was at St Andrews, Scotland's oldest and have played cricket at Cambridge but never made it to Oxford other than for a funeral.

  5. What lovely postcards! I love Oxford and have been there a couple of times but have somehow not made it to Cambridge yet.


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