Monday 14 March 2011

The European robin

Robins are a favourite bird of mine so I was delighted when this one appeared on a postcard.  The European robin isn't the same as the American or Australian birds of the same name.

An older name was for the bird was "ruddock" but now it's called a robin as shorter form of the nickname "Robin redbreast".  In both Dutch and French, it's also called redbreast - roodborstje and rouge-gorge respectively.  And because the card was sent to me from Estonia, I can tell you that in Estonian they are called Punarind.

They became associated with Christmas in Britain and frequently feature on Christmas cards and often on Christmas stamps too.  This probably came about because in Victorian times postmen wore red uniforms and were nicknamed "Robin". 
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  1. We have robins nesting in our garden each year. They follow me around when we are gardening. Lovely birds.

  2. When we sight robins, we figure that spring is really here! The robin on the postcard is smaller and sweeter looking than any I've seen.

  3. That one looks more delicate that the ones I see in my back yard.

  4. It's a beautiful card and a beautiful bird, and more delicate than the American robins... as Odie already mentioned.

  5. Very interesting information. I never knew robins were different around the world, until I heard it from you.

  6. This is such a sweet picture, with the robin standing so sweetly between the two fence posts. He looks smaller, to me, than our own robins.


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