Saturday 5 March 2011

Ten provinces and three territories

I was corrected on a post well over a year ago for referring to Canada's states.  Canada is in fact made up of provinces and territories, not states.  The provinces have more powers of self rule than territories which have their powers delegated by the federal government .  The three territories are grouped into one region, Northern Canada, with the other three regions being Western, Central, and Atlantic Canada.

Last year I was sent a map card that showed the map as it was until 1999, with Northwest Territories and Nunavut combined.  this, as you can see, is more up to date.


  1. Thanks, I did not know that about Canada.

  2. Ummm - the map is actually wrong. :s At the bottom of Nunavut is at the border of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, not Saskatchewan and Alberta.

    Right now my hubby is calling me a geek, because I actually went and looked up a map because I thought it looked funny...

    (I'm from Winnipeg - I should now what my map looks like!)

  3. Followed a link from a more recent postcard to here when I recognized the postcard. A friend sent it to me last summer before she got back to France (and for my studies I'd had to learn the province during that very year, and I'd noticed something odd, but I hadn't been able to put my finger on it. Now I know! (though it'll hardly be of any use, but a bit of culture can never hurt). It's amazing how many details this card has, though!


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