Saturday 30 April 2011

Island of calm

Everyone needs an island of calm, so says this card that arrived from Germany.  I couldn't agree more.  It was sent by someone who lives in a city, temporarily, while she is studying but she looks forward to the day when she can return to a small town.

I used to live in a house not so very different from the one on the card, deep in the heart of the countryside.  i loved it.  I loved waking up in the morning to hear nothing but birds, being able take a dog for a walk into the woods from my back door and rarely see anyone.

But before long I became a taxi driver for our sons.  Then they wanted their own cars and at times there were more means of transport than people at the house.  We decided the country life was no longer what we wanted and moved into a small (but perfectly formed) city.  Even that was too much busy-ness, so here we are on the edge of a small town where we have relative peace and quiet but can walk to shops and the library if we want to.

Nowadays I find my island of calm while walking along the seashore, or with my nose in a book, or sorting and resorting my postcards, or sometimes even with the internet.  How do you find your island of calm?


  1. Before my job loss and subsequent retirement, travel was my way to find peace. Now, I have to content myself with the nearby ocean where the sound of the waves and the beautiful sunrises and sunsets replaces that of faraway deestinations. I miss my travels and wish I still had the funds to indulge myself but I am appreciative that I have so much beauty and quiet places of beauty right in my own backyard!!

  2. My island of calm is walking in the woods around home unless I can get back to the mountains of NC. That is total calm.

  3. My island of calm...lovely weather offering opportunities to use my camera.

  4. Looks nice I can't wait to move out of the big city.

  5. I love idyllic places like this, but I also love bustling cities. Sometimes I can find an island of calm sitting in a city square or along a waterfront path and watching people pass by.

  6. Living in a big city, for me it is walk in the park/The internet or watching people from my balcony;)


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