Sunday 1 May 2011


I've been wondering what to do with this stamp card from 1982 showing one of a set of stamps celebrating British Theatre, in this case Shakespeare's Hamlet.  It's not a style I like, it looks like something out of a children's book.  As luck would have it, I came across someone interested in theatre, so sent it on its way.

One of the stamps I used was the latest issue, coincidentally also illustrating Hamlet for a set of stamps representing the Royal Shakespeare Company.  I'm not entirely sure I like this design either but maybe I'm over-keen on tradition.

I'm hoping this fits in with the theme of poets/poetry because arguable Shakespeare was one of the finest poets as well as being a playwright.  I struggled with Shakespeare during my school days but now of course I wish I'd paid more attention.
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date . . . .
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  1. I can understand why you are not keen on these stamps - I'm not either. However you can't fault anyone who chooses Shakespeare. We have some stiff breezes here today if not rough winds to shake the buds of May.

  2. Oh I really like the new Shakespeare stamps :)

  3. I love Shakespeare....I dont find him the easiest to read, but his works are amazing...both his sonnets and dramas.
    Ive seen this latest issue of stamps by Royal Mail and I love it! (the stamp card does seem a bit awkward though).
    Speaking of Hamlet, the Macedonian theatre has put it on stage not so long ago...a fantastic lasts 3 hours but it is more than worth it.

  4. I agree that his works are a little hard to read but I do find them amazing.

  5. The rough winds of May describes the kind of weather we are having here, although there haven't been any tornadoes where I live.

  6. Shakespeare certainly counts!!!
    I recently received the Romeo and Juliet stamp from the new series you describe above and was a bit nonplussed - not sure what to think.
    Thank you for participating!

  7. I concur; I'm not overly fond of these designs either. But it's never too late to read Shakespeare!

  8. i like the new RSC stamps too...and this one of david tennant is great! doctor who on a stamp ;-)

  9. Hamlet is my favorite of Shakespeare's works.
    It was so deep. <3

  10. Same here - I like Shakespeare but it was a challenge to read his works!

    Postcards Crossing

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  12. Sheila, interesting stamps! There are merits to all unusual designs, plus/minus...
    A writer told me once that in his opinion, Shakespeare has said/touched/alluded to everything there is to know about human psychology, in literature. All great (philosophic) ideas of mankind are present, more or less, in his works.
    Some people prefer the prose version of his works.
    Shakespeare, a literary skull-ptor of ideas...:)

  13. The latest Shakespeare stamps do seem to have divided opinion, I rather like them, but Royal Mail do seem to have gone with famous people aspect to sell them.

  14. Ah, the darling buds of May.


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