Tuesday 12 April 2011

The next generation

A reproduction of an ad for French baby food which will, it suggests, produce the next generation of athletes.  Big and strong athletes, with strange smiles.  I'm only glad my mother didn't feed me on it.


  1. Interesting but not realistic

  2. they look very stocky, don't they!

  3. hahaha I'm only glad my mother didn't feed me on it. ;)

  4. I think it's kind of cute...but, then, folks have always said I'm a wierd duck!

  5. Strange smile...definitely seeing some strange eerie smiles :P

  6. This actually looks scary. It is really interesting how our perception changes from one generation to another.

    I found this in an old cooking book recently: "This fine fattening soup will make a perfect starter for your dinner." :D

    I don't think an ad like this would sell very well nowadays.


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