Wednesday 6 April 2011


One fairly common request on Postcrossing is for a card showing a member or members of the royal family, not necessarily the British royal family, it must be said.  However as we approach the wedding of the year on 29 April, more and more people not only want royalty but The Wedding.  This hasn't even taken place yet, folks.  It isn't easy to produce them in advance.

So I've had to send these ones instead.  In truth, the Gold State Coach has nothing whatever to do with the wedding, but it looks good and has been used for every coronation since George III in 1762.  William and Kate will ride in an open carriage, the one used by Charles and Diana for their wedding but if it should happen to rain they will use the Glass Coach.

I understand, from my friend Relax Max, that the Fox Channel in the USA will begin broadcasting the wedding at 4:00 am.  I can hardly believe that anyone would get up at that time of the morning but if Relax Max says so, it must be true.
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  1. I love how William's colleagues in the forces always make him a coffee in a "Will's and Kate" mug :-)

    I'm not sure what I'll be doing on 29th April. Probably not watching the wedding...

  2. I'm all for photo shopping them into the appropriate outfits with the appropriate guests photo shopped in as well. That way people can have all of their advance postcards, plates, etc. As for me, I was going to grab a pizza and head over to Fergie's house, since we both weren't invited.

  3. @John, you won't be able to avoid watching the wedding. It will be wall-to-wall wedding for weeks. Just stay away from the television. And the radio. And the newspapers.

    @Christine, ah but, the Dress is the Big Secret. And everyone is looking for clues. I'm told.

    I had planned to be out of the country but that's fallen though. Plan B will have to be put into action.

  4. It's more likely that the wedding will be Tivoed. Might have to do that myself. I'll have to check out Max to see why he thinks we Americans would get up that early to watch a royal wedding.

  5. You can bet that I won't be one of them looking at it at that time of the day. It sure is a fancy coach and that is a fine looking couple. Hope you've had a great day.

  6. It is all really very exciting. I watched Princess Di marry Charles and I am sure I will watch this happy occasion as well.


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