Thursday 7 April 2011

Two from Nigeria

The first was sent to me last year and features a Nigerian cultural dance.

The second I found at a flea market, dated 1987.  The reverse of the card (John Hinde, so quite wordy) says:
Nigeria, the most populous single nation on the continent of Africa, lies on the west coast and has a rich tradition and culture closely connected with her religious beliefs and the rites and practices relating to them.  Traditional religion has given the people a heritage of culture and tradition which is still noticeable despite later influence by Islam and Christianity.  The agriculture, music, art, craft, language and economies of the country still bear traces of this influence.
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  1. Im not entirely sure if these encapsulate the complexity of Nigeria but not many postcards do or should. I do really like the colors however.



  2. My father spent some time in Nigeria while working on his PhD. He didn't send any postcards but seeing these two I wish he had done, they are really insightful into Nigerian culture.

  3. I just love those mats. We had quite a few from the year we spent in Nigeria but we no longer have any left.

  4. That's awesome that you collect postcards and actually send them out. I wish I could keep a better habit of sending postcards, but I send them sporadically.


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