Thursday 28 July 2011

Chinese art

I don't have any background story or other details about this picture, apart from to say I think it's lovely.  It look as as though it shows lakes and rivers with small boats, and maybe rice fields in the background.  There seems to be some kind of fence or dam in the foreground.  Could that be some sort of gigantic fishing net too?  I don't know.  Chinese art always appeals to me, whether I understand it or not.
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  1. You really picked a good one for today Sheila. Hope you've had a great week.

  2. Beautiful! I, too, think they're giant fishing nets. We have a similar structure in the Philippines.

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  3. forgive my ignorance - is Japanese written horizontally and Chinese languages vertically? I was wondering about the script on top. Any more info would be welcome.

  4. Love the picture! Thank you for sharing! I'm dabbling myself a bit in Chinese painting and calligraphy, so tastefully done!

  5. I do think they are rice fields. I love the picture. We have a wonderful Asian Art Museum here in San Francisco and I could wander in there for hours!


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