Friday 29 July 2011

The look

Marlene Dietrich, photo by Nickolas Muray.  (c) International Museum of Photography, Rochester

A fitted, flared bobbed coat by Christian Dior 1955.  Photo B de Toledo

Both cards have been sent to me this week, I think because I say I like anything vintage, and I do.  Two things struck me about these cards: one the facial expression - so disdainful, and second the portrait behind Marlene Dietrich. 

Do all models adopt this look?  It's so unlike a normal expression.  We have recently been treated in this country to various series of "... Next Top Model" and they don't even approach normal everyday life.  I don't make a habit of watching but I saw an episode the other night.  Another world.

As for the portrait behind Marlene Dietrich in the top picture, I think I should know what it is, but I don't.  I do like the similarity of poses. 

This is a post for Postcard Friendship Friday, which is hosted by Beth Niquette at The Best Hearts are Crunchy.


  1. Nice! I think that portrait is by Gauguin...:)

  2. Both are lovely postcards.

  3. These are great! I like the vintage look, also. So chic!

  4. I like vintage cards too but can't identify with the characters since she was before my time.

  5. There is something with vintage looking things that makes it look so appealing and unique. I like her simple and yet elegant get up.

    Thanks for the visit Sheila, actually Magillan who first discovered Philippines was a portuguese and he asked assistance from spaniards when he set off to explore the world by boat.

  6. Most elegant...but disdainful!

  7. I think for fashion model, they were told not to smile because it will distract the attention of crowd that need to focus on the clothes they are modelling,not to their personality.


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