Sunday 14 August 2011

Rural Ukraine

Within just two weeks I was sent these two cards from Ukraine.  They are numbers 10 and 11 from a series on rural life.  One had these beautiful stamps:

Each of the three large stamps comes from a mini-sheet.

Updated in case Bob returns this way.  The lighthouses are:
Pavlovs'k Range Front
Illichivsk South Mole

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, now hosted by Violet Sky at "See it on a Postcard!"


  1. The first two sets of stamps are tremendous. I can see children liking the third. Try as I might I could not read the names of the light houses.

  2. I really like the second sheet.

  3. Wow, wonderful sets, I like the lighthouses and the third one very much.

  4. Lovely sets, especially the lighthouses. I wonder if Lundy lighthouse has ever been depicted on a stamp?

  5. Wow the stamps today were truly awesome Sheila. I loved the colors.

  6. Mysterious looking cards. Quite lovely. And the stamps knock me out. I especially love the lighthouses.

  7. The cards look interesting, as for the stamps I am for the lighthouses too. If anyone interested, I can offer for exchange the last MS with animals.

  8. Oh my gosh the first stamp is that a mushroom house on the stamp? I too agree with Bob I am such a fan of lighthouses and those stamps are just absolutely too beautiful! Great post!

  9. Such a beautiful postcard but the stamps are especially delightful. I've always loved lighthouses and these are really wonderful.

  10. Those postcards are beautiful! I love the reflection of the bare trees in the icy puddle.

    This post is such a treat for stamps!! I love the lighthouses.

  11. Thank you all for your comments. It seems almost everyone likes lighthouses. I think they're pleasant, but not a particular favourite for some reason.


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