Monday 15 August 2011

Map of Africa

A lovely old-style map of Africa.  There is a little German writing on it which I think says "Der Amazonen Papageij mit weissen Kopf"  If that is what it says, it means "The Amazon parrot with white head". What that has to do with Africa is anyone's guess.  I suspect some artistic licence.
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  1. The parrot sure makes it a great looking card.

  2. Ha ha! I'd say a classic case of mixing Africa and South America up! A US broadcaster did that last year, showing a graphic of S. America while talking about the (then) upcoming world cup in South Africa.

    I love the name of the Sahara in this postcard: "Sahara or Great Desert".

  3. @Odie, he does look good. Or she. :)

    @Emm, how embarrassing for the broadcaster. :) I have a very old atlas that my father had. It's fascinating to look through it.


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