Tuesday 16 August 2011


The summer holidays are going to come to a crashing halt in the England and Wales when the A Level results come out this week and the scramble for university places starts.  That happened last week in Scotland.  The autumn term starts at the end of August or the beginning of September, depending on where you live. 

In France the schools go back in the first week of September but there I stop.  I don't know what happens in other countries.  I think some parts in the USA have already gone back to school.  Does the southern hemisphere work right through?  I suppose they must have their long breaks in their own summer.

The card shows a small seaside town, Heringsdorf, on the island of Usedom.  The island, in the Baltic Sea, lies on the border between Germany and Poland and is an extremely popular holiday destination.  It was very popular with the German Emperors which earned it the nickname "Bathtub of Berlin".
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  1. Very pretty card today Sheila. My middle daughter spent a year in Germany in 1991 for her senior year of high school. One week her class went to some island in the north of Germany doing math experiments. It was a great experience for her.

  2. So exciting to be going off to University...and better to be doing that right now instead of looking for a job.

  3. I have never, ever heard of the island of Usedom before! It sounds like a funny 21st century Internet term.

    Our school year ran from January to December with about 5 weeks break in December/January, 3 weeks in June/July and 10 days in spring and autumn. I seem to remember not nearly having enough holidays.

    Our classes at my work began last Monday, with first years coming in during the first week of September. Our "first years" are most university graduates, so we have to wait for university results to admit them.

  4. @Odie, lucky daughter! I've only had short breaks there.

    @Christine, in the UK, fees have gone up so much, the benefit is debatable now.

    @Emm, I had to look twice at Usedom too! No student thinks they have enough holidays. :)

  5. It really does look like a charming spot!

    My son and his wife just returned from a week in Hawaii. I stayed at their West Sacramento home with their two dogs. Alex starts his college classes on Monday. At 29, he's still plodding along, changing his major twice over the years.


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