Sunday 25 September 2011

Hartbeespoort Dam

From South Africa, just in time, came this lovely card of Hartbeespoort Dam.  It was built in 1925 and, apart from its primary use for collecting water for irrigation, it is also a popular resort for water sports of all types.

The stamp shows the West Wind Gladiator or Mantophasma zephyra, issued in 2008 for the International Congress of Entymology.  West Wind Gladiator is a lovely name for an insect I'd prefer not to meet.  I prefer not to meet very many insects at all.  Bees are OK.  Ladybirds.  That's about my lot.

Updated when I remembered my stamps from Egypt:

Blogger won't let me size the last one the way I want.  In fact it's much smaller than the others.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, now hosted by Violet Sky at "See it on a Postcard!"


  1. I wonder just how big that insect is and whether it bites.

  2. No, I wouldn't want to see that insect in the flesh either, but the view on the postcard is very nice. The first 2 of the Egyptian stamps look to be against landmines, that's a good campaign to be featured on a stamp.

  3. Lovely kept on the stamp! That view on the postcard is lovely too. You got me hooked, and I’ve had a go myself this week Sheila!

  4. Oh no, not insects! - my favourite is the last Egyptian stamp you have posted.

  5. "West Wind Gladiator" is a great name. I wouldn't mind meeting it if it is small and doesn't bite or sting. I hadn't seen a stamp actually labeled "airmail Postcard" before.

  6. Cool post, Sheila! Lovely postcard.
    So, "Of (lady)birds and bees"...:)

  7. Yay! A South African card. We used to spend weekends having braais on the banks of Harties. It is a pretty stap - those little beats bite if I am thinking of the right insect. I can tolerate most insects if they are not jumping at me, except for Parktown prawns, cockroaches and praying mantises.

    In answer to Postcardy's observation, I think they tried to simplify stamps at one stage. A bit like 1st and 2nd class stamps in the UK. Instead of asking for a value, you'd just agree on what you wanted it to do.

  8. Thanks for participating. I like the Egypt stamps. We learn about different countries through stamps - the geography and also the monetary system.

  9. Great to see a card from South Africa. That has become a new favorite place to see pictures from since getting to know Desiree & Linda from down there. Absolutely beautiful country.

  10. The dam looks a lovely tranquil place, no doubt buzzing with insects, which fascinate me - as long as they are not biting. Interesting Egypt stamps

  11. I agree with you on the subject of insects. They are best viewed only in stamps and pictures. I love your stamps from Egypt - I have some before from an Egyptian penpal but were totally destroyed when our roof got blown away due to a supertyphoon that hit my province years ago.

  12. @Bob, I don't know about it's biting tendencies, or its size.

    @Lisa, landmines, of course! I forgot to check.

    @Little Nell, great! I hope you enjoy the experience. :)

    @Anglers Rest, I like that bottom one too.

    @Postcardy, Emm's answered your stamp question. I hadn't seen that before either.

    @Dorin, thanks!

    @Emm, I think this is the last of them for now. I do wish there were more from Africa in general. I'm not fond of many insects.

    @Viridian, you're right, we can learn a lot.

    @Odie, I must look up your friends. It is beautiful, you're so right.


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