Saturday 24 September 2011


Mount Snowdon is the highest point in the British Isles outside Scotland.  According to the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team, it's probably the busiest mountain in Britain.  People seem determined to  walk or climb to the top.  In the late 19th century it was decided to build a railway to reach the summit.

The Snowdon Mountain Railway was completed in 1896 and operates in some of the worst weather conditions in the British Isles and doesn't operate at all from the end of October until March.  It is the only rack and pinion railway in Britain and was the inspiration behind some of the stories by the Reverend Awdry, now best known for Thomas the Tank Engine.

The card has the title "Snowdon, train at danger point" which is a little disconcerting.  I can find no mention of a danger point anywhere else but there is a story by the Reverend Awdry called Danger Points.  The story can be seen on a YouTube video on narrated by Willie Rushton.

The message reads:
Dear Glad
Have been up Snowden today, my word I have never felt so cold in all my life.  Before we went up we got soaked through with rain, then we got frozen on the top of Snowden, & then Bob (a boyfriend) & myself got in the front of the train & the sun baked us.
Love, Margaret.
And it's nicely stamped to prove they did get to the summit.

This is a post for Sepia Saturday.  There is very little link with the theme, but after such an exciting day I'm sure Margaret did sleep well.
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  1. Oh how cool! They made it to the top! I wasn't aware the railway stops between October and March - I wonder if that applies to the line through Betws-y-Coed too? I've always love the stories of Thomas the Tank Engine but mostly I loved the illustrations and the way they were drawn.

  2. Love the summit stamp proving that they made it to the top!

  3. Such nice readable handwriting. A lost art.

    I had to look up the height of the mountain and discovered that at it's peak it's still at least 3000 feet lower than the mountain my folks had their cabin on which rose to over 8500 feet at the summit. This summit also had a railroad over it.

  4. I like 'Bob (a boyfriend)'! Meaning, I suppose, that he was a boy who was a friend, not that there was a romantic involvement. I bet she did sleep well after her adventure!

  5. Snowdon looks fearsome. I remember Thomas the train! I don't remember the Tank Engine part, though. :) Nice post, Sheila.

  6. Interesting, but where is the snow at mount Snowdon?

  7. Just to stop rumours. I've never been up Snowdon and anyway I'm nit THAT old. You could use this for Sunday Stamps as well sometime Sheila.

  8. It seems to be a popular subject on YouTube, but the videos don't look very exciting.

  9. I can see the attraction of wanting to climb to the top of such a peak, but to me the railway ruins it. I'd rather go and visit another peak, perhaps a little less inundated.

  10. Just reading about being drenched and cold makes me very happy about my warm chair and cup of tea.

  11. I just asked my wife, who is British, if she knew of the train up Snowden. "Yes," she sneered, "but I've walked up!"

  12. the view seems lovely, but hearing the story makes me content to just look at this postcard. and you're right: Margaret surely slept tight that night.

  13. Thoughtful that a railroad was built to save folks from climbing! That was quite the ride for Margaret!

  14. @Emm I really don't know about any of the lines in Wales, just Thomas. :) The illustrations are great, aren't they.

    @Liz, yes, proof!

    @Tattered and Lost, I think their problems had something to do with the slope more than the height.

    @Little Nell, yes, it was an unusual way to put it, I thought.

    @Max, the Tank Engine part seems to have been reserved for the British audience.

    @Rob, winter time, come back later. :)

  15. @Bob, I'm so disappointed. I thought we had a bit of gossip going here. :)

    @Postcardy, the books were probably better at letting the children use their imagination. My boys loved the books.

    @Brett, I think a lot of people would agree with you.

    @Christine, not my idea of fun either. :)

    @Mike, there are many walkers/climbers who think that way. :)

    @Ticklebear, my thoughts too. I prefer to be a spectator.


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