Wednesday 18 April 2012

The Ardèche gorges

The Ardèche gorges are a spectacular part of France where the Ardèche river cuts through high limestone cliffs.  For about 30 kilometres, the river meanders through wonderful scenery which attracts many tourists during the summer who hike, canoe, kayak and climb in the area.

About 15 years ago, or so, we took a family holiday there and one day decided to take kayaks down the river.  It's not a very demanding route but we did get wet!  It was great fun and very well organised.  If I remember rightly, we went 17 km down the river and were brought back to our car by mini-bus, tired, wet, hungry, but very happy.

The card shown here, dating from 1985, I found in a flea market and was written by someone who was spending a canoeing holiday there:
I started canoeing again today after a day's rest.  I had almost forgotten what hard work it was!  The scenery is excellent - these cliffs are about twice the height of Malham Cove.  Weather very hot.
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  1. Wow talk about breathtaking what a wonderful postcard love it

  2. It is breathtaking and I am glad you had the opportunity to see it in person.

  3. That is so beautiful. I miss South Africa so much that I often forget there are astounding gorges, mountains, valleys and vistas in Europe and Great Britain too!

  4. What spectacular scenery. I would have enjoyed doing this, with someone else rowing!!!


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