Thursday 19 April 2012

Modern Melbourne

From the top:
The Docklands
Yarra River
Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex.

The waterfront looks stunning.  I can't help imagining Australia as full of wide open spaces with kangaroos and long straight roads stretching away in the distance, so it's good to receive a postcard such as this one as a reminder not to hang on to preconceived ideas and stereotypes.
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  1. I love this set! We enjoyed our time in Melbourne and you'll be happy to know kangaroos and koalas were a short drive away. Melbourne had mountains and wine lands though, so you'd have to drive a little further to see the wide open spaces!!

  2. It is refreshing to see what the modern version of the land down under looks like. A great set.

  3. I’ve got friends who’ve just moved there so this is nice to see where they will be going when they vivit the big city.

  4. I spent only one day in Melbourne as part of a cruise which sailed from Sydney, and also stopped in Hobart, Tasmania before heading to the fiords of New Zealand, making several stops in that beautiful country, then ending up in Auckland. I spent three days in both Sydney and Auckland. What a spectacular part of the world and everyone spoke English...well, a bit different from my own but I could understand.


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