Saturday, 6 April 2013

Deal Castle through the years

Deal Castle, as I've mentioned before, was built in 1539/40 by Henry VIII as part of a chain of castles along the south coast.  When it was built it didn't have the crenellation/castellations along the battlements.  Those were a later addition in the 18th century.  At the same time they added a captain's house which you can see on the right in the lower postcard, which dates from 1911.  The house was demolished but rebuilt in 1802.

Bombing during World War II destroyed the house and fortuitously restored the castle to its original form.

The cards above are still in publication.

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  1. Great cards Sheila and of a castle that I am not familiar with at all.

  2. Nice to see the castle in its different forms through the years. Like Bob, I am unfamiliar with this one.

  3. Wonderful old postcards. I spent some of my childhood holidays in Deal in the 1970's as my Gran used to live there. Haven't been back for years now though.

  4. How many castles did Henry VIII have? Must be several.
    I met a British woman last week that said she lived right near Hampton Court Palace and used to play inside of it when she was a child. Can you believe that it would just be open so that the neighborhood children could run and play inside? That was a real surprise to me.

  5. Crenellation/castellations are what define a castle in my mind.

  6. Yes, I agree with postcardy, without the crenellations, a castle is just a building with high walls.

  7. I definitely think I need to explore more castles. I can't remember the last time I went to a British castle. Could it be almost two years ago??


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