Sunday 14 April 2013


The Royal Mail issued a set of stamps in 1998 to commemorate both the end of manned lighthouses (they were fully automated in 1998) and also 300 years of the first lighting of the Eddystone lighthouse.  As usual, I'm showing the PHQ postcard of the same design as the stamps. I like these designs with the strip along the bottom showing the lighting pattern.

One other stamp arrived on a recent Postcrossing card from Lithuania:

I'm afraid I know nothing about it.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, now hosted by Violet Sky at "See it on a Postcard!"


  1. What a great set of lighthouses, I'd totally missed these! One thing that always strikes me is how 'low' the high values are compared with nowadays.

  2. I like the PHQ cards (I finally had to look that up - postal headquarters, could not figure that out by myself!) It is hard to find any at our post offices, though I keep looking.
    Anyway. the strip showing the light pattern is an interesting addition.

    1. Our post office doesn't have PHQ cards either. When I want PHQ cards (of recent issues) I get them from Royal Mail's online service. Back issues can be got from various traders and some of them are quite cheap. (I won't advertise any of the tyraders here but I casn let you know which one I use if you want to contact me).

  3. I received two of these stamps (maybe three?). But it's nicer to see all of them together!

  4. I like the naval charts of the lighthouse locations in the background. And for sosme, the view is from above - interesting.
    Thank you for your contribution this week!

  5. What a terrific set of stamps. I really like the nautical chart details in the background. And the strip showing the lighting pattern is brilliant. How interesting to see! Lovely!

  6. Wow!! I love these cards! I love the background and the colors!

    I am glad you learned about the Lithuanian lighthouse on my blog :)

  7. Whoa! Wow! That Royal Mail issue is T-E-R-R-I-F-I-C!! Im soo jealous!! thanks so much for sharing them!

  8. The Royal Mail stamps are great, I love that you cann see the light on the stamps :)

  9. Lovely set, the added details really put them in context.

  10. wow what a gorgeous set, i have never seen before..!

  11. I've always loved lighthouses. Manning them must have been such a lonely task in the days before automation. Perfect employment for a recluse, though.


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