Tuesday 16 April 2013

Moments of Colour

Moments of Colour is a series of cards, 52 of them, produced by a Swiss company, ABC.  It doesn't tell you on the reverse of the card where this scene is though I'd guess it could part of the Canal du Midi in France.  I'm only going by "Brochettes" over a shop window so it's just a wild guess.  The card was sent from Poland.

The colour is added in an interesting way because it isn't just the effect you can achieve from a photo editing program.  the black and white portion of the card is matt but the colour is high gloss.  According to the ABC  (A Boss and Co) website, it's partly lacquered.  This series of postcards was one of the first to be produced to Forest Stewardship Council standards, in 2007.
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  1. I have seen greeting cards printed in this manner but not postcards. will have to keep a look out for them.

  2. That's an interesting use of the technique, I haven't seen cards like this before.
    Thanks for identifying the lighthouse :)

  3. Wow! N-I-C-E!

    I can imagine the feeling of running over a finger on the matte and glossy parts of the postcard...

  4. It's very pretty. Arresting even.

  5. That's an interesting story behind an unusual card. I have done some cards for Zazzle using just a coloured postbox and making the rest black and white. How fantastic it would be to be able to do that with the matt / gloss effect!

  6. Some of the most colorful spots I've visited on my cruises, in terms of man made beauty, are the ports of Villefranche, France and Portofino, Italy. The buildings along the water are so beautiful and it's delightful to sit out at a sidewalk cafe, sipping a glass of wine, taking it all in.


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