Monday 27 May 2013

College of Arms Quincentenary

These PHQ (Postal headquarters) stamp cards were part of an issue of stamps in 1984 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the founding of the College of Arms.

The top card shows the Arms of Richard III, the founder of the College of Arms, and whose remains have recently (2012) been found under a car park in Leicester, in what was the Church of the Grey Friars not far from the cathedral.  It wasn't until this year in February that the remains were finally confirmed as definitely being those of Richard III.

The second card shows the arms of The Earl Marshal, a ceremonial position and one of the Great Officers of State.

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  1. I like that word "Quincentenary". I'm afraid I will not live long enough for any Canadian 500th anniversary (except for Cabot's 'founding' of Nfld)

  2. Two fine stamps, neither of which have I seen before.

  3. I found the news and announcements around the unearthing of Richard III very interesting and quite gripping, and I was very pleased it was him :)

  4. What a neat looking stamp to commemorate an important event.I love it!!!

    -Willa @ Postage Journal

  5. I am fine but I was away from my computer for the holiday weekend and did not have time to post anything! thank you for your contribution and we'll continue next week.

  6. Beautiful stamps. How good that Richard is now where he belongs. Interesting story, indeed.


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