Sunday 2 June 2013

Ottawa from various angles

I've chosen Canadian postcards and stamps for this week as my theme because in a day or so I will be there visiting family in its broadest sense.  In-laws of in-laws in some cases.  Ottawa is where I'll be based, though with a few side trips I believe.

The first set of stamps illustrates games of Canadian invention.  I'm familiar with basketball and lacrosse, but ringette is a new one on me.  There was a fourth stamp in the series issued in 2009, illustrating five pin bowling.

The second set is a series showing beneficial insects, issued by Canada Post in 2007.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, now hosted by Violet Sky at "See it on a Postcard!"


  1. I love that view from Hull (Gatineau) over the river to the Parliament Bldgs.
    Have a wonderful trip. I would treat you to a refreshment in Toronto or Burlington, but you are probably very busy with those in-laws of in-laws. still, the invite is there if you need a break :)

  2. I love the bug stamps! Hubby and I were in Canada last year, Quebec City, and I loved it! Some day we are hoping to go see more of Canada.

  3. Canada's claim on the invention of basketball is tenuous at best. However, you are welcome to claim lacrosse. ;)

  4. Have a great trip to Canada, Sheila. I'm always interested in sports stamps, but prefer the bugs this time.

  5. Have a great trip. Lovely assortment of stamps. Yes, I'm with you on the footballer stamps ;)

  6. I associate basketball with Springfield MA, where the hall of fame is.
    I recognized the beneficial insect stamps too!
    Thank you for joining in this week.

  7. I have lived in Canada for more than 3 years but my only regret was not being able to visit Ottawa,maybe next year I will do that.
    Cool postcards and stamps.

    Willa @ The Postage Journal: My Sunday Stamp#57

  8. Love that second card with the contrasting wigwams and vertical lines. The beneficial insects is one of my favourite series. Have a great time in Canada.

  9. Have a fantastic trip! I am 30 minutes north of the Toronto airport and would happily pop down to meet you if you have a layover at all. Ottawa is one of our favourite cities.

  10. I've never visited Ottawa. Living in San Francisco, most of my Canada travels have taken me to Victoria and Vancouver, both lovely West Coast cities. Ottawa looks very pretty, though.

    I'm back in Mumbai, desperately looking for a room to rent for six months.

  11. Oh, I hope you're having a lovely time in Canada! I hadn't really ever thought of visiting Canada before but I've learned about Quebec recently and now Ottawa and I think my mind has changed! I love your first postcard.

  12. Lovely pictures.
    Wonder how old that second one is. Are those tents permanently there?


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