Wednesday 1 July 2009

500 posts and an award!

Postmarked Herne Bay, Kent, and dated 23 August 1934.

So the posting today is just to say "How-d'ye-do" on my 500th post, and at the same time say thank you to Descartes of If You Write It for awarding me the Best Follower Award.

The rules for this award are:
1. Put this award on your blog.
2. Invite 10 people to take this award.
3. Don’t forget to link back to the person who gave you this award.
4. Let them know that they have received this award.
5. Share the love to those who get this award.

As a gesture towards the fact that Descartes said that he likes "the optimism of putting ‘a day’ in the blog’s name," as soon as I recover myself from the excitement of today's dual event, I will be altering the title of the blog to "A Postcard a Day .... or pretty darned often".

Thank you all my readers and commenters, for helping me keep my blog going, and thank you, too, to all the people who send me cards.  Both sets of people, and some who are in both sets (like a Venn diagram) are essential for being able to continue.  All of you deserve a Best Follower award!


  1. I can't believe you have done 500 exciting posts already! Congratulations on that, and on your award. I'm sure there will be a few other awards as well. I have one I tried to give another woman once - but she was ungrateful and threw out. I may dust it off and try again, the famous "Golden Harry" award. If anyone deserves it, it is you. Congratulations, again.

  2. @Mike, thank you!

    @Max, while I can't believe I've done 500 posts already, I do think calling them exciting is over-egging the custard. But your kind thoughts, most of them, are very much appreciated.


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