Friday 24 July 2009

PFF: Youth Organisations stamp card

Postmarked Dover and dated 14 August 1982.
Youth Organisations (Scouts and Cubs)
Reproduced from a stamp designed by Brian Sanders and issued by the Post Office on 24 March 1982.

This is the stamp on the card, another from the same range, the Boys' Brigade.  In the range, the 15 1/2p depicted The Boys Brigade, 19 1/2p Girls Brigade, 26p Boy Scout Movement and 29p the Girl Guide Movement.

The card was sent to my nephew by his grandmother who was hoping to persuade him to become a cub scout. My own sons joined for a time but the elder one found it a little too much like school and soon gave up. It may have been the particular group he was with, but he used to come home with "homework" each week. I still have the notebook he had, to write his tasks down:
"Who are the members of the Roil famly where are the Roil homes? What are the crown juils"
That was the last entry, so it must have been the final straw.

I do like these postcards that depict stamps and have found a source of outdated ones.  I can't match them up with the original stamps, though, so I'm limited in what I can do with them.

One final thing to notice, the postmark "Take the Channel Shuttle to Europe". It has nothing to do with the Channel Tunnel - the work didn't start on that until 1988.

A post for Postcard Friendship Friday.

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  1. Very cool. Great card! Thanks for sharing.

  2. magnificent!happy PFF

  3. Noah didn't like the cub scouts for the same reason! Homework is quite a no no when it comes to extra curricular activities! I just love these bright and cheery stamps!

  4. Very interesting. Thanks for coming by my blog.

  5. These stamps are fabulous!....
    great post

    Have a beautiful weekend

  6. Great post...I have a scout master hubby and eagle scout son (16). Love to see any vintage scouting stuff.

    Friday Blessings, Candy

  7. I do hope that the boy's spelling improved!

  8. Great stamp! Too bad about your son's experience in the scouts. I was a girl scout for a time when I was young. I remember having fun...and no homework.

  9. This is a very cute stamp! Thanks for sharing it here.

  10. Fantastic card (and stamp)!

    I always wanted to be a girl scout, but we couldn't afford it.


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