Monday 27 July 2009

Red Roses

Postmarked Chelmsford, dated I think 1932.

Red roses, I never tire of them.
The card was used as a birthday greeting, from "Norman and Doll".  Again, names that have gone out of fashion.  Dolly used to be the short or familiar form of Dorothy though I think Dot or Dotty would be more common now, in the UK at least.  It always reminds me of my grandmother and her sister, both widowed, who lived together and did everything together.  They were known in the family and among friends as the Dolly sisters, after a music hall dance act.


  1. Is that the golden goose? Or a done tom turkey?

  2. Everyone loves roses. I am not sure if there's anyone who doesn't like them.

  3. @Chris, or a dying swan?

    @Mei Teng, I'm sure you're right. I've never heard anyone say they don't like them.

  4. The roses are lovely, but the bird is a bit strange!

  5. I love red rose..visit mine

  6. "A rose by any other name..." Hmmmm. I've heard that somewhere recently. A beautiful card.

  7. For a second, I thought that was a turkey, and this was somehow thanksgiving-related.

    I really like the idea for your site. I love old, nostalgic things like this. :)


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