Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A seaside holiday 5: Sunset on the beach

I can't read the German postmark, but the card is dated 5 September 2009.

This was sent to me as an end of summer card, the summer that didn't really arrive either in the UK or in Germany, it seems.  It's a lovely image, I think.  Peaceful after all those people who left all those footprints in the sand have gone home, and just enough movement in the sea to make it interesting.


  1. Very inticing photograph...I'd like to take those stairs and stroll along that beach and feel the waves lap at my feet.

  2. Oh, but the SKY! Such a great photo with all three elements coming together (the sky, the sand, the water) and the steps leading you down into that world. This photo deserves to be on more than a postcard!

  3. What a spectacular skyscape!
    Evelyn in Montreal

  4. I'm glad you all like it too. I'd agree with Max that it deserves to be more than a postcard.


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