Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Congregados Church, Porto

Posted in Portugal but the postmark is so faint that I can't read where or when.  Judging by the address, it must have been sent to my father during the 1980s.

This church in Porto was built in 1703 on the site of an older chapel dating back to 1662, but which had been demolished in 1694.  The tiles on the façade are the work of Jorge Colaço.

I have a more recent card sent to me last year showing the same church, but it must be from a different viewpoint because it looks quite different.


  1. The more I see of Portugal, the more I want to visit. It has the most amazing old buildings and of course, beautiful blue skies.

  2. I did visit a good many years ago, but it was a business trip and I didn't get a decent chance to explore. It has a great history.

  3. :) I'm trying to keep my mind focussed on my Italy trip next year but Portugal is closer and easier to drive to! And I have a friend in Lisbon. I might just find my way there instead!

  4. I'm suspect here because I am Portuguese and I love Porto so much, it is one of the most beautiful cities of Portugal but I must say that are much more to see, since the coast til places inside the country. It's amazing to see that people spread this love for cultures, not only about Portugal, but about all the world.


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