Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The United States of America

Posted from the Netherlands and dated 16 September 2009.

The person who sent me this cards tells me it's of a vintage map.  I don't know how to guess the age the map might be, apart from the fact that Hawaii doesn't appear so it must be pre-1959.  Other than that, I don't know what clues I might look for, and of course the size doesn't make for easy reading.  It doesn't matter to me, I still love the card.


  1. 2 clues:

    1. I see there is a border that runs across Oklahoma (part of which used to be "Indian Territory" - just north of Texas).

    2. Canada was still making territorial and boundary changes in the 20th century to her provinces, there may be a clue if you look at Canada's provincial borders.

  2. Great, thank you Redbeard. From what I can see from googling, Indian Territory disappeared when Oklahoma gained statehood in 1907.

  3. Sooo... I have a touch of flu (and am in fact snuggled up in bed). Does this mean that because of the border across Oklahoma, this map is from before 1907?

  4. Hi Emm, I do hope you feel better soon. Swine flu? I have a flu vaccination every year but still got a touch of flu during the summer, and I did wonder..

    I'm beginning to wonder if the map is some sort of concoction because Alaska didn't become one of the States until 1912. So who knows really? Whoever drew the map may have been out of date, all sorts of things have been running through my mind - some of them even make sense. :)

  5. I'm sure it isn't swine flu! I think it is a mild form of the flu that has done the rounds in our office. Mild because of my trusty vitamin C! I hope.

    It does seem that it might be a concoction indeed then...

  6. Also, if there's no Hawaii, it might predate 1900, as that was the year Hawaii was annexed from being an independent republic and formerly kingdom. Depending if Utah, Arizona and New Mexico are notated as "Territory" might determine the year. I would date this map ca 1890-1900.


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