Sunday 11 October 2009

Kreativ Kollecting

I'm honoured, grateful and tickled pink to have been awarded this by Relax Max of Clarity2009, but I'm finding it very hard to live up to it.  Kreativ?  I will use my kreativity to tell you the obligatory seven things you would never guess about me:

  1. I am a night owl and stay up far too late at night.
  2. I enjoy chatting until the wee small hours of the morning.
  3. I am a tea person, but I'm prepared to accept coffee if it's made for me.
  4. I love words and their meanings and the use thereof.
  5. I enjoy nothing better than walking along a river talking to a friend.
  6. In spite of intensive tuition, I know nothing about football, American or otherwise.
  7. Statistics are an unending source of fascination for me.
I'm not going to pass this award on, purely because if I pass as creative, everyone else must be doubly or triply so.  Besides, thinking up seven things people might not guess is a task I wouldn't really want to inflict on anyone.  However, if any of you feel you would like to take it up, please feel free to do so and with my blessing.  You are all more worthy than I am.


  1. It was so cool learning these little tid bits about you! I'm more of a morning person myself - I love my sleep and love rushing to bed in the evenings!

  2. Thanks Emm! It sounds easy but it was remarkably difficult to do.

  3. Yes, the little bits of info are always interesting-and I think you are pretty creative to have found all these wonderful postcards.

    Thanks for stopping by when my blog was in limbo, all is well now.

  4. Ha! That would be the reason why I always avoid passing on such memes. I did it once and honestly can't think of another 7 interesting things about me!

  5. Those are pretty interesting things about you.

  6. Thank you all, I'm glad you find them interesting. I suppose there are plenty of things people might find interesting but because they're "mine" I find them boring. Everyone else is much more interesting.


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