Monday 25 April 2011

Southampton docks

A fascinating map, to me at least because I lived nearby and worked in Southampton.  It is a German WWII map showing bombing targets, marked in yellow, of the docks in Southampton, England (July 1941). 

It reminded me of two recent posts, one from Relax Max, and the other from Adullamite.
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  1. That would give me a strange feeling knowing it was marked for bombing.

  2. Maps and history, a marvellous combination.

  3. I'm sure the German bombers got as much flak and Allied fighter responses to their bombing runs as the Allies got over Germany. It would be interesting to find a first-person story from a German bombing mission over Southampton. And how happy they must have been to see the beautiful island getting smaller in their rear view mirror. :)

  4. @Odie, yes it did feel strange to see this. Quite a number of places in the area were marked in that way, especially the docks, but also Spitfires were built very close to Southampton.

    @Joy, I must say, I find the combination irresistible.

    @Max, I'm certain you're right about the response. I haven't heard of any first person accounts but I'm sure they do exist.

  5. Fascinating, but more than a little unsettling.

  6. How eerie! I haven't been to Southhampton. I always wanted to sail into or out of there.

  7. My grandmother, her 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter died in Southampton July 1941 during the bombing.


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