Tuesday 24 May 2011

Map of Cyprus

The date of this card is relevant because of the division of the map showing the northern section labelled Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.  That was declared in 1983.  The card is postmarked Girne and dated 1990, not 1980 as I first thought.  Unless of course they started using the country name earlier.

The message on this card gives a lovely idea of someone's holiday, I think.
This unsophisticated country has a lot of other things [other than postcards].  Yesterday for example, I saw sunrise and moonrise over Richard Coeur de Lion's castle across the harbour - the sunrise from my room at 6:45 local time or 4:45 GMT; and moonrise from my balcony at drinks time, when the bats had just finished batting.
My friends' constant hospitality this year included a picnic at the farthest end of the Karpaz (wild nature reserve peninsula) and a night at the newest casino - delicious free buffet supper and free drinks, very, very, strong in the hope you'll lose all your money!
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  1. That is fascinating! I had no idea about the history of Cyprus or even the existence of Northern Cyprus.

  2. Maps don't usually do a lot for me but this one was unique.


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