Tuesday 8 November 2011

Lighthouses of Michigan

Dpending on who you consult, there are either over 116 or over 150 historic lighthouses in Michigan.  A lot of them!  Michigan has more than any other state.  The map makes for an attractive card.

Some of them are still operational, others have been converted into museums or to provide bed and breakfast accommodation.  I imagine they are all in fairly remote, even almost inaccessible areas so it would certainly make for a break away from it all.  Away from everything.
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  1. Oh yes, I so enjoyed this! Maybe one of the reasons Lighthouses are so close to my heart is that I was born and raised in Michigan! My Aunt and Uncle live on Lake Michigan in Grand Haven....and we would always visit there as often as possible! Grand Haven has an amazing bright red lighthouse! It's even cool in the winter with huge chunks of ice hanging from it!

  2. More than 100 lighthouses; that's a lot indeed! In The Netherlands there are 29 active and 15 deactivated lighthouses. Michigan is more than twice as large as Holland, but still it is an impressive quantity. I always imagine Michigan to be one of the US states which looks like Holland the most.

  3. @Karen, Grand Haven sounds wonderful. I can imagine huge chunks of ice hanging from a lighthouse. Amazing!

    @Rob, it is a lot, isn't it. I would have thought The Netherlands would have been closer but of course Michigan has water on all sides.

    @bardamu, thanks for visiting! It's a beauty, isn't it!

  4. Lovely. I’ve visited Michigan and I have a niece and friends living there. A few months ago two little lighthouse models arrived in the post as a gift. Holland Harbor and Grand Haven.They sit in my cabinet and I see them everyday!

  5. Glad to see you here in the U.S., Sheila. I love lighthouses. We have a wonderful hostel at Pillar Point, not too far from me. About a year ago, my friend and I stayed there and were delighted to find it was filled with seniors, mainly. It was a wonderful overnight, right on the Pacific...only downer is that you couldn't bring wine.

  6. I love lighthouses anywhere so this one I really like.

  7. A bit to the south of Grand Haven on Lake Michigan, just inland, is the beautiful little city of Holland, Michigan. Rob From Amersfoort should visit there during the annual spring Tulip Festival. Bring wooden shoes.

    Holland, Michigan, is worth a Google for pictures.


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