Wednesday 25 April 2012

Golden spires

The cupolas of the Kremlin cathedrals in Moscow sparkling in the sunshine.

The Cathedral of the Annunciation originally had only three domes but after it was damaged in a fire, the restoration in 1564 added two more. Then four chapels were added, each with a dome, so that the cathedral now has nine.

The other two cathedrals facing on to Sobornaya Square are the Cathedral of the Dormition (five domes) and Cathedral of the Archangel (also five domes but four are silver).  And dominating them all, you have the Ivan the Great Bell Tower too.
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  1. I'd like to know how much all that cost.

  2. What a great postcard! That must be incredible to see on person.

  3. Beautiful this bird view with all these cupolas together!

  4. How beautiful they are. I haven't been to Moscow but I did visit
    St. Petersburg years ago on a cruise. What a beautiful place it was,
    with its beautiful churches and their onion domes.

  5. It's beautiful! Inside there are fascinating icons as well.


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