Sunday 30 November 2014

Christmas postcards and stamps

I bought several sets of these Royal Mail PHQ Christmas postcards a few years ago and now I'm down to one remaining set.  I'll use them up over the nest few weeks but I'll be sorry to see them go.  They show the images for the 1983 Christmas stamps:

12½p Christmas Post (pillar-box),
16p The Three Kings (chimneys )
20½ World at Peace (a dove and a blackbird)
28p Light of Christmas (street lamp)
31p Christmas Dove (topiary)

As I was looking up what the images represented, I discovered that someone is selling them on Zazzle. Surely that's a copyright issue?

That aside, I found plenty of other bird stamps:

Belarussian stamp with great egret

Great Egret from Belarus

Belgian stamp showing long-eared owl

Long-eared owl on Belgian stamp

From the Netherlands 

Siberian Crane on stamp from Russia

and a cute little owl from Switzerland.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, now hosted by Violet Sky at "See it on a Postcard!"


  1. I have also published the Siberian crane today! :D
    I like very much the Christmas stamps. I have received one of them, but I think all the designs are really wonderful. Also the pink stamp from the Netherlands is really sweet.

  2. I only every saw the pillar box and the Three Kings of the GB stamps; love the egret and the owl.

  3. I only vaguely remember seeing the chimney pots in this series, but I do like the designs. Of the other birds, the one from the Netherlands is so pretty.

  4. I have a FDC of those 1983 stamps - love them! and I've also seen various stamps (and postcards) on zazzle and have wondered about copyright....

    I had to laugh at your comment last week about being relieved I'd offered to take on SS as you might have and later perhaps regretted the responsibility. I felt the same way, so jumped in with both feet, so to speak. I really want this to continue.

  5. That was a great Christmas set and certainly miles better than the ones for this Christmas.


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