Monday 27 April 2015

W is for World

There are some very unusual maps of the world, such as Heinrich Bünting's "clover leaf" map but these two are more or less what we might expect a map of the world to look like, in spite of being very different.

The top postcard came from Lithuania and was published there. It is a reproduction of a map drawn in 1886 showing the extent of the British Empire.  The inset shows the extent of the empire in 1786.

The lower map is one, as you can see, from Taiwan, much simpler and less ornate.

Although I have a very large number of maps, they usually show individual countries or regions, much less often the whole world.


  1. The Lithuania postcard is a beauty.

  2. these 2 cards are really cool especially the first one. My one friend would love a card like this since he loves maps


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