Thursday 7 April 2016

Fruit and Flowers

What can I say about fruit and flowers?  While I was looking for the cards, I found that most of the fruit seems to come from Finland where they seem to have an abundance of berries, some of which I don't recognise at all.

I'm not sure where the Lipton Tea strawberry card came from. In the corner it says "Rub to release the delicious aroma".  It works.  Try it and see! :)

Something I've noticed, unless it's just my eyes, is that these larger images look blurred even though the originals are perfectly sharp. However, if you click on the image to see the original size, they are once again sharp. I don't know how to rectify that other than going back to the smaller image on the blog post. Any help would be welcome.


  1. My taste buds rebel at the thought of strawberry tea.

  2. I agree the strawberry tea is a very effective post card.

  3. Love fruit and love flowers...perfect combo for postcards

  4. Fruit and flowers...what's not to like, except perhaps the tea like Bob said.


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