Friday 8 April 2016

Geography - from Germany to Guyana

I have more cards Germany than from any other country except possibly France, but the French cards have mainly been purchased while the German cards have been exchanged via Postcrossing. Above you can see just a few beautiful German castles.

Below, at the other end of the scale, are cards from countries where I have less than a handful: Gambia, Ghana and Guyana. In fact the map of Guyana is the only one I have from that country and also the only one resulting from an exchange.


  1. Beautiful postcards. I am definitely going to be checking out Postcrossing. It's always fun getting mail! :)

  2. Love these postcards and I actually was able to visit Neauschwanstein which is beautiful.

  3. Guyana postcards are great! I visited Neuschwanstein in winter one year...just gorgeous!


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