Wednesday 20 October 2010

Metropolitan Cathedral Brasilia

The interior of Brasilia's cathedral, officially the Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady Aparecida (Catedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora Aparecida).  As UnoPocoLoco commented on an earlier post, there are three sculptures of angels suspended in the nave though only two are visible in this postcard.  The smallest is over 2 metres (over 7 feet)  long and weighs 100 kg (22 lbs).  The largest is more than double those measurements.

The stained glass is made of 16 triangular pieces of fibreglass, 10 metres at the base and 30 metres high.

Another Wikipedia anomaly: the page states that the architecture was "arguably" inspired by the design of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.  Well, I know they may have inaccuracies too, but by visiting the official sites of these two cathedrals, you find the cornerstone for Brasilia's cathedral was laid in 1958, while the design for Liverpool's went out to competition in 1960.
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  1. Thank you! :-)
    It's really a beautiful picture and I would love to visit the Cathedral. However, I think I'd be a bit afraid of the 100 kg Angel. I hope it's attached securely to the ceiling... ;-)

  2. My friend loves postcards I buy 5 for her from where ever I go and this time I decided to post them from the place I was visiting(even though she lives in my city)

    Its so exciting receiving mail dont you think? :)

  3. I love this postcard. I'm very glad to see this lovely picture of my country. Authough, I've never been in Brasília.

  4. Oh the suspended angels are super cool, thanks for sharing.

  5. :o) You know that Wikipedia is driven by user submissions and you could submit a correction or dispute!

    This postcard is really, really nice. I love the look of the interior of that church. It looks so cool and peaceful.

  6. @UnPocoLoco, steel cables they say, but I did wonder myself. :)

    @karman, I agree, I love mail arriving.

    @Mo, it's very impressive!

    @Mandy, in that case, I'm glad you happened to visit today. :)

    @Jennifurla, They are fantastic. I've never seen anything like that.

    @Yllsa, it is!

    @Emm, I've heard about corrections and so on but I'm just too lazy to get involved. :( Glad you like the card though.

  7. ah, love this site. great blog.

  8. Nice pictures, i really like the Brazil structure.

  9. wish we had architecture like that around here.

  10. Perdao, mas vou escrever em português mesmo.
    Brasilia é uma cidadde muito bonita. Os seus 50 e poucos aninhos (é novinha) nao tem nada a invejar as demais cidades do mundo.

  11. I used to send dozens of postcards when I traveled but, in recent years, I haven't....I'm too busy exploring and enjoying myself.


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